Why a Cavapoochon?

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Cavapoo What?

With a crazy name like Cavapoochon, you may be wondering what kind of dog this actually is. The good news is it's not as complicated as it sounds! Here's a break down,

Cavalier King Charles + Bichon Frise = Cavachon 

Cavachon + Toy Poodle = Our beloved Cavapoochon 

Three great breeds rolled into one! 

Cavapoochon Appearance

Cavapoochon's will have wavy, or curly hair because of the curly hair from the Poodle. They are known to have the appearance of a puppy their whole lives, everybody's dream! They come in a variety of colors: Cream, apricot (cream with a reddish hue), red, brown,  black and cream/white, black, or sable. Any of those colors could potentially come with a white chest and face as well. The colors typically stay true to what you see in them as a puppy with little change. They will weigh anywhere from, 12-18 pounds full grown. For all of you with dog allergies, no worries! Cavapoochons are non shedding thanks to the poodle in their blood! You can cuddle your pup away and not have to worry about sneezing!

Cavapoochon Personality

Cavapoochons are cuddle bugs! They love to curl up on your lap and snuggle the day away! Thanks to their smart poodle blood they are easy to train and love to learn. They take well to other animals and especially kids, so they should have no problem integrating into your family. They love to play and interact with you and adore getting attention, which we're sure won't be a problem. They are not known to be major barkers if given ample attention, so for those of you living in town or apartments that should not cause a problem.