shopping list

A List of Basic Supplies  

•       Dry Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice or Chicken and Oatmeal Life Protection for small breed puppies. 

•       One can of soft Blue Buffalo puppy food for first few days for a special treat to acclimate to his/her new home. (See link below)

•       Healthy treats

•       Stainless-steel non-tipping food and water bowls (shallow)

•       Toothbrush

•       I.D. Tags with the contact information for yourself and your veterinarian    

•       Puppy Harness (XS) then if you would like transition to...

•       A “breakaway” collar 

•       Leash 

•       Dog shampoo   

•       Brush, fine comb,and grooming scissors

•       Towels and blow-dryer

•       Chew Toys 

•       Cleanup supplies such as a stain remover, baby wipes, paper towels, deodorizing spray  

•       Potty Pads

•       Cozy bed

•       A house training crate with divider panel will allow you to adjust the length. 

•       An exercise pen. This playpen connects to the Crate to Create a Personal Den-Like Space with        Room to Exercise and Stretch. 

       We understand this can be overwhelming so just start with the essentials! There are many other helpful products available at pet supply stores.  One of my favorite websites for puppy supplies is  and Decide on which set up will be a best fit for you and your Toy Poodle, Shihpoo, or Cavapoochon!