Why a Toy Poodle?


About the Toy Poodle

The Poodle first originated in Germany in the 18th Century where they were bred as companion dogs, used to hunt mushrooms, and worked as water retrievers. The exaggerated show hair cut we see today was actually used to keep the dogs joints and torso warm in cold water. Toy Poodles were frequently used in the circus because of their high intelligence and love of performing tricks. The breed became especially popular in France when King Louis the XVI fell in love with his Toy Poodles. The entire royal court  became poodle lovers as well and soon the breed was thought of as France's national dog. Today the word about these lovable dogs has been spread all around the world and the Toy is the most popular of the three sizes of Poodle. The three varieties together are ranked ninth in popularity among the breeds registered by the American Kennel Club.

Toy Poodle Personality

Toy poodles are about as social as they come. They love to interact with other animals and do great with kids. They are extremely smart and have an astonishing ability to learn. Toy poodles are the perfect dog if you are looking for  a companion and will follow you everywhere. Although they are active dogs, they are perfectly content as "lapdogs" and will also enjoy relaxing with you. Because of the Poodles extreme intelligence they will need consistent, firm guidance to keep their minds busy and understand that you are in charge. All and all Poodles are sweet, fun loving, wonderful dogs. We have full confidence they will fit your family just right! 

Toy Poodle Appearance

The expression "A picture's worth a thousand words" rings true when it comes to describing this cuddly breed. As seen in our pictures our poodles are enveloped in a thick coat of curly hair. A perk of a Poodle is that their coat is Hypoallergenic, or non shedding, which is great for those of you with allergies. No more worrying about sneezing when cuddling your puppy! They stand around 8-12  inches tall and weigh an average of 10-15 pounds. Our dogs typically throw the red color you see in our parents, but can also have puppies of other various colors. One just as beautiful as the next! We'd love for you to come visit us and see them in person!